• Application review

    You’d prefer to apply on your own, but would like a thorough review by a professional prior to submission. We’ll answer all of your questions and offer suggestions for refinement where required.

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    • GCMS Notes Order and Review

    We will request a copy of your case notes (GCMS notes) through the Access to Information Act We will thoroughly review your case We will discuss our findings with you in an hour-long consultation We will construct a strategy to address the issue that leads to refusal.

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    • Study Permits

    Canada boasts a multitude of prestigious universities and technological institutions. Give yourself the gift of a world-class education in one of Canada’s many beautiful cities.

    • Permanent Resident

    There are dozens of avenues to becoming a permanent resident in Canada, based on a wide variety of factors and skillsets. We can help you decide which path is best. This includes provincial nominee programs and Canadian Experience Class

    • Work Permits

    If you require a work permit for an employment opportunity in Canada, we can assist in making your transition as simple and quick as possible.

    • Family Reunification

    Living in the presence of loved ones is a fundamental human right. Sponsor your family member and help them become a successful permanent resident of Canada.

    • Visitor Visas

    Some countries require visas and biometrics to visit Canada. If you desire to explore Canada but aren’t sure of the legal requirements, we can assist you.

    • Start-Up Visa Program

    If you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a business in Canada and living in Canada to operate it, there are multiple options. We can walk you through the process.

    • Super Visas

    If your parents or grandparents wish to visit you in Canada for extended periods of time while maintaining a residence in their home country, this is an alternative to sponsorship.

    • Labour Market Impact Assessments

    If you’re a Canadian employer and you’re having trouble staffing your workforce with Canadian workers, it might be time to explore hiring foreign talent.

    • Immigrate as a Self-Employed Person

    If you have extensive experience in athletics or cultural activities, you may be able to contribute to the economy of Canada in an athletic or cultural capacity through self-employment.

    • Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations

    If you are inadmissible to Canada, but feel there are exceptional humanitarian and compassionate circumstances, we may be able to construct a legal argument to support your case.